December 23, 2010

Love for the Holidays

Love the holiday
Love the season
Love the fact
That you're the reason
Like every other day

Love your heart
Love your flow
Your smile lights up my Christmas
Don't you know

Season's greetings
And blessings too
I get the gift of love
Courtesy of you

©2010 Wayne Box Miller
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November 1, 2010


You turn me on
Like a light switch
It’s just that easy
Like you’re bewitched
I wish it were that easy

You are foreplay
In more than on way
You turn me on
Like chocolate does my ice cream
Like Pam Grier does in my dream
Too bad for her you’re real
Because she can’t compete
With a real touch, sensory and seduction
You just turn me on
Who gave you my step by step instructions?

You figured me out
Like a 2 piece jig saw puzzle
Yeah just like that
Why waste time with two
It’s like one snap; I approve

You turn me on
Like lies to politicians
Tricks to magicians
Hesitation; poof be gone ‘cause
She turns me on

And I can’t overheat like the engine in my first car
Thermostat set to passion
So much love for the long haul
With you my engine never stalls; or runs idle
I get more love to the gallon than a hybrid love affair

You turn me on
And for you it’s no work
Like a Rubik’s cube with one color
Like multiple choice questions with one answer
You’re the dancer and I’m the song
Together we’re in love
All night long, all night
All night; all night

Morning is mad at you
Making this night last longer than a day
Knowing he will do the same damn thing
Once he sees his sunrise
And the daybreak of love’s eyes

You turn me on and now the switch is broke
It will have to stay that way
Oh well…

©2010Wayne Box Miller

October 7, 2010

Morning Love

Her smile awakes me
While her eyes are yet closed
Slowly…they join the morning
To complete my breakfast of tenderness in bed

She turns slightly, slowly to invite me
To christen the morning
It may be cold outside
But she’s my global warming

And as we awake
I say good morning love
I am her coffee and she is my cream
Good morning love
Unfortunately we have awaken from our dream
And I have to get to work
But can you RSVP
This spot in your bed
And I’ll keep the memory
Like a photograph in my head
Until we get back to this place
Lock the doors and reclaim our space
Like chalk outlines the scene of the crime
Scattered covers and tossed pillows are etched in my mind

Can we pick up where we left off?
Get right back & tell time to step off
Turn off the phone, and say all bets off
When we get home?
I want season tickets, to your bed
And can I get a parking pass too
I love tailgate parties with you
Because no one shows up but us
We play the game, and we always win
We have no crowd but we’re always sold out
To love…morning love

And I can’t wait to get there
And every red light don’t seem fair
Traffic jams just don’t care
That I’m trying to get to you
And wrong turns won’t get me
I’ll make road rage forget me
Cause all I can see
Is you and morning love

Now that I’m home
And you’re on me like cologne
And I touch you like numbers on my phone
Where were we?
Oh yeah, morning love

©2010 Wayne Box Miller

August 30, 2010


I need some more time with you
That’s what she said
I wanted more time with her
But she’s always one step ahead

I want the clock to take a ride
Get lost in time
So she can have all she wants
I honestly, just don’t mind

She makes the world a perfect canvas
Every color bright and surreal
Captures my emotions in high definition
Gives me her energy to feel

I need some more time with you
I opened the door wide to that thought
From heaven to earth is available
And in the moment we can get completely lost

She can make a speeding bullet freeze
Lift a beggar off his knees
Put slow motion in gear
Make conversation by blowing in my ear

If she needs more time with me
The world is out of tune
I know once we’re together
The planets will be aligned with the moon

The stars will take their rightful place
The inner will enter outer space
The galaxy will pose
 Mars and Venus will come together and let it flow

I need some more time with you
I’ve never heard that before
And she probably doesn’t realize it
She is poetic; my ear to hear, my sounding board

You can have more time with me
You can have my ink and my pen
If you will be my paper
Then the story can begin

©2010 Wayne Box Miller

August 10, 2010


I have never seen or met you but…
I laid eyes on your words as if it were your body
I caressed every adjective and verb
Kissed your nouns until I became a pro-noun

I now desire to be a sentence that grows into a paragraph
A paragraph that ultimately becomes a page
 THAT page that becomes THE page in your love story
Over time I hope to be your only book
And you can pick me up and read me all over…
Again and again

I want you to turn my pages, turning me on
Take your finger and touch my every word
As you read about how much I love you
And want you

If its’ good go back and touch me again
Finding words and meanings that stayed hidden until the next time you read me

I have never seen or met you but…
I laid eyes on your words as if it were your body
I stared at the beauty of the thought that went from line one
To the last line done.

How can I feel you? Feel your touch?
How can I want you so much?
It’s because I felt the proposition in your preposition
I mean the way it was positioned on the page
Like its own language, a special set of words

I read between your…lines
Pulled the book closer
To get a better look
And the fragrance of your thoughts jumped off the page
A vernacular aroma lasted me for days and
A scent of what’s to come
Gives me a feeling you might be the one

But I need to keep reading
To find out if what I believe
Is the ending
With a period.
Or to be continued

But until then I will kiss your vowels
Until you tell me stop, throw in the towel
A; I O U that don’t I?
I want us to become consonant
In agreement
Make love heaven sent
Use all our words until we’re spent
Lose our breath cause we meant to…
Because I read between your lines
After I laid eyes on your words and determined
You’re so fine
To be continued…

©2010 Wayne Box Miller

July 10, 2010


For if I love you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
Nothing that’s impossible or nothing left to prove

If I love you for whom you are
Then you don’t need to change 
And I don’t need to change you

Love is for lovers
For two people willing to give without keeping score
To give for the sake of giving
Simply because love is meant to let go of

Love is a for letter word
I will love

And if there comes a time 
That this love finds your door closed
I will search for another
And repeat 
Because I know what love is for
To share…

©2009 Wayne Box Miller


I realized it wasn’t a dream
But the stars were perfectly aligned
Because every fantasy I thought of
Was already on your mind

And I didn’t want for nothing
And there was nothing you wouldn’t do
I realized I’m in heaven
Anytime I’m lying next to you

I saw the sun winking at me
As it gave way to the night
And the moon came up smiling
Providing us with nothing but the perfect light

The gentle breeze was like a serenade
And it sounded like a song
The way we feel together
 Should be call all night long

And I don’t want for nothing
And there’s nothing you wouldn’t do
‘Cause I realized I’m in heaven
Anytime I’m lying next to you

So let the angels harmonize
And Gabriel blow his horn
As we celebrate the special day
Our perfect love was born

Flowers stand in bloom
And even the waters are standing still
Mother Nature spoke out loud
I love the way this feels!

It’s a love meant for a lifetime
Given to us to share
I know for sure I’m in heaven
As long as you are there

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

July 1, 2010


Since you’ve been gone
Life is just an if
You were my every thing
Now you’re the only thing I miss

Bored is my destination
My journey has no end
Not only have I lost my lover
I’ve also lost my friend

How could today be so different
I feel like yesterday never came
Its like I went from love
To love without you…and

If I counted one thousand raindrops
It wouldn’t kill enough time
To get over the pain
Or get you off my mind

And if I saw one thousand sunrises
It wouldn’t stop the fact
I want to cry out loud
That I miss you more than that

Now I can’t explain it
Because no one really cares
Everyone has their problems
And they don’t need a spare

So I look in every direction
Hoping an answer will come
To help me go from being solo
To us being back at one

How could today be so different
I feel like yesterday never came
Its like I went from love
To love without you…and

If I counted one thousand phone calls
You never returned
I would still make one more phone call
To try and get one more turn

And if I saw one thousand signs
No matter what they say
They would signal I need you here
Right now right away

If I counted one thousand raindrops
It wouldn’t kill enough time
To get over the pain
Or get you off my mind thousand one, one thousand two
I'll keep counting raindrops  until I'm back with you

©2010Wayne Box Miller

June 9, 2010


There are days that seem so perfect
When everything’s aligned
And other days not so hot
That just seem to blow your mind

And then there are days when all is just
One mixed up crazy mess
And days when you can do no wrong
When you’re at you’re very best

It really doesn’t matter though
However it goes down
You have to know the spirit
What causes the smile vs. the frown

I accept you for who you are
And it’s very easy to me
Because you accept me faults and all
Even the one you cannot see

So while we may have moments
When neither is at their best
I look at all of what we’ve got
And how much together we’ve been blessed

I felt compelled right away
To let you know this truth
That no matter who you think you are
I accept and want all of you

c2009 Wayne Box Miller

May 19, 2010


Can you fall in and out of love?
Or just be mad
Can you wish for something special?
And still appreciate what you have

Are you sitting on the fence
Waiting for a perfect mate
Halfway committed
Not realizing you’re the mistake

You can’t go in and out of love
Like you’re at a grocery store
Always shopping for a bargain
When its you who should be giving more

You can’t go in and out of love
Like malls and other stores
One day you may realize
You’re not being loved anymore

‘Cause in and out is good; where appropriate and needed
But not in commitment, where sadly it’s often repeated
Therein lies the mistake
That so many seem to make
Going in and out of love
Will ultimately seal your fate

If you’re out and they’re in
And they’re in and you’re out
Then who’s fighting for love
Fighting for the “us”

So throw out, out
And invite in, in
Love each other stronger and longer
In the 2010
And beyond…

Happy New Year!

C2009 Wayne Box Miller


I got the news; and yes I cried
To be without you, I’m the one who would die
I can’t imagine being anywhere else
And I pray LORD: don’t take away this feeling I’ve felt

But if you must take her, I kinda’ understand
But what do I do? I love being her man

It’s like I’ll be unemployed
In love, but out of work
I’d do anything for her
But I couldn’t figure out how to stop the hurt

So let me marry her for just one day
I would be in heaven and then she could be on her way
And that memory could last me the rest of my life
For just one day LORD, let her be my wife

Oh it would be beautiful
No matter what we did
And even if it was nothing
Nothing would be better than this

She is my dream come true
My sunshine and more
We are the perfect movie
And our love the perfect score

But life is cruel sometime
And I know this to be true
I don’t want to live without her
But I love that she’s coming to you

But until that moment in time
There’s only one thing I have to say
LORD leave her here long enough
To be my wife…for just one day

C2009 Wayne Box Miller


She’s a flower yet to be defined
Revealed only to find, she’s one of a kind
Fragrance takes away the blues, grays and things
The power of her scent takes me away
But I can’t share the address

From the soil of love she was planted
Happiness rained down on her
Fertilizing her future growth
And mine too

I never saw her sprout petals of promise
Or stems of strength
Too busy looking for her
Anywhere but the Secret Garden she resided in
Then HE stepped in and said look
It didn’t take but a second and not a second look
I was hooked and now
I’m in love with her too

A gift in the form of a promise
A promise in the form of you
You in the form of love
And love in the form of loving…US

A flower yet to be defined
But until then
This flower is mine

C2010 Wayne Box Miller


As snow flakes fall
I rise to the occasion
Making my way to the place
Called Loveland…next to you

For every snow flake that falls
I have twice as many reasons why I love you
And when they say every snow flake is different
It reminds me that you are too

No one loves like you
Cares like you
Gives like you and
Tries like you

You are the U in US
And I am the beneficiary
Your love is the return on my investment of common sense
In knowing you were the one

You are my winter wonderland
And I am your frosty the snowman
And I love it when you melt me away with love…

As snowflakes fall
I’m reminded of your warmth
And the fireplace called your heart
I know it burns with love
I rub my hands together in front of you
And the cold reality of this world is gone

As snowflakes fall…
They remind me the weather is always perfect in love

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

May 11, 2010


My heart uses my eyes to see your beauty
The report is flawless
Not in a physical sense
But it makes no sense that your beauty transcends
Time, talent, and
It’s positioned for a takeover of the heart

My heart uses my hands to caress every detail
That goes beyond the smell of a garden, of white roses and
Birds of paradise, hmmm smells so nice
Nerve endings rushing back telling me
Feel this; and this; AND this
I tell my hands to cross their fingers
And send the message back to keep it coming

I want my eyes to use flicker
Get the photos back quicker
Take pictures faster than the speed of light
I can never be overexposed to you

My heart uses my mouth
To tell you how I feel
To express thoughts
That matches the rhythm of every beat
Flow is apparent, feelings transparent
Nothing to hide

My heart uses itself to pump life and love into my body
And that sets the course for us to stay on
In love; On Star, turn by turn
Falling in love just ahead
Haters take the next detour

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

April 17, 2010


If we've decided 
We can't be divided
Then 2 will permanently be 1

If we’ve agreed 
We’re all we both need 
Case closed baby, we’re done  

There are no more decisions
Its either us or division 
And since I wasn’t good in math 
Let’s keep our love under wraps  
We’ve passed simple addition 
No subtraction or attrition needed 
The answer has been completed 
And that’s the final exam  
Because we have stood the test of time 
And it’s a grade A love, 100% pure 
Nothing artificial 
it’s preserve-able  
And full of preservatives 
All the daily allowances of romance 
Complete with vitamin L, O, V & E 

Take 2 and call me tonight and in the morning 
Wake me up without warning 
I like it that way I’ll act surprised if you act…quickly  
Then I can watch you sleep 
Like the world has turned the lights out 
Because you’ve gone to bed… I mean sleep 
As you lay there I call your position perfect peace 
At least from where I lay and that’s okay because 
There’s only one VIP, one box seat, one front row 
I own all those… 

As sure as I stand 
And I AM your man 
And you ARE my lady 
And have been more than lately Like all the time, and you’re on time 
I set my watch to your heart beats of love
Kiss hug; tick tock; kiss hug; tick tock 
Kiss hug; tick tock;  
And it don’t stop 
Goes well beyond the break of dawn 
Well into next week  
Never off always on…to the next act 
Epilogue got evicted 
So the end is nowhere in sight 
But it did send us a post card 
With the word, enjoy… With that  
Each Night Justifies Our Yearning  

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

April 7, 2010


…So I decided to peel back the layers of my heart
I found broken pieces and residues of scars
Found dusty memories of days gone by…
Saw some loves in my past that had me laughing, asking why

Dug a little deeper and examined even more
Found a love unscathed, deep in my core
This is the love I have saved for so long
I give it to you, so I can now carry on

I check my pulse and all systems are go!
And my vitals say its love, so let if flow
So I’m pumpin’ love like blood with thoughts rushing straight to my brain
And I swear I’ve never loved like this and I’ll never do it again

Yes I said that before
And the scars bear the facts
But I have never had you before
Had someone love me right back
With out hesitation, delay or with doubt
I guess that’s the start of love as its turning you out
But it feels good turning
Better than I could have dreamed
I mean just what I’m dreaming
Is simultaneously happening to me

So when I awake its like I’m dreaming and
When I’m dreaming its like I’m awake
So either way it goes I’m living in a dream and dreaming how I live
Like a you tube video I just start it over and over and over and, hold while I watch this...

And the ending is mine so I tweet, digg, mash, blog, email and even write about it
Just in case someone knows, or wants to know: what’s love got to do with it…


C2010 Wayne Box Miller

March 13, 2010


I wanna’ grow old with you
Take my last breath with you

I know that means our laughter will turn into giggles
And saying I love you will take a little longer
But as long as I’m with you
That’s all that matters

I want to sit on a porch with you
And watch new versions of us walk by
Holding hands and loving each other
While we reminisce and predict

I want to have all my mental
And talk dirty to you when I’m 80
And have you blush at 80
And have you say quitttt at 80
When I rub your leg

My last breath is yours
If it means me living and you not
I will flip the script
You can live off our memories
I don’t know;
Maybe you’ll want to go with me
‘Cause our love is just that deep

I want to help you get up
And let you help me get down
And help each other get around
When we’re 85

I want to look at
Videos of us,
DVD’s of us
And smile….
I want to look at photo albums of us
Turn the page and talk about that night when…
And sigh;
And long for those days
And embrace these days
And thank GOD for each other
At 90

Can I still call you sexy?
I am anyway
If I can get my hand up
I’ll pat your backside at 95

But I just want to be with you
Until my last breath
Because no one on earth
Has loved me like you

And you deserve my last breath…
But I’m not gone yet beautiful
©2009 Wayne Box Miller

My Dream

My dream is the mountain I climb
I scale doubt and optimism on the way to the top
Trying on the way up to get a grip on faith, hope and
chance is a ledge I try to step up on

My dream is the mountain so high
Atop my life
I have no rope; I have no spikes
I have me and ambition
And a t-shirt with courage on it

Sweat tells my brow
keep going you’re making progress
but my exhaustion says otherwise
but I say that’s another lie
to get me to stop

My shoes have no sole or no soul
But I do…
And my spirit lives there
With its GPS attitude
Step here; grip there hold here;
destination 3 beliefs ahead

My dream is now my reality
Set my sights; I have it in front of me
The mountain now seems like stairs
I’ll take each step and breathe opportunities air

My dream is the mountain I’ve climbed
And I love the view
Love the journey
The holes in my shoes
It was worth the climb
Worth the risk
Now climb your own mountain
No matter what it is…

©2009 Wayne Box Miller

March 11, 2010


I think I love you too much
But I’ll keep doing it
I think I can’t live without you
And I don’t want to try

I think you’re reading this
Thinking about who fits this profile in your life;
Or who used to; or who you want to
But your hangups may hang you out to dry

Misery loves company
Tell em’ both goodbye
And be in love

Love is the eternal classroom
Where A’s turn into: what happened to my grade?
Where F is still a failing grade and word
And make-up exams bring smiles… and I’m sorry’s
And exhaustion; and a cigarette if you smoke

Love never reveals itself all at once
But in parts, pieces, clues, changing like a chameleon
Just did it again
So hold someone’s hand in love
So when love changes its mind
You won’t

C2009 Wayne Box Miller

March 4, 2010


I’m looking for a home for my heart
A place it can beat, feel complete
I want my heart to have a loving home
Safe and protected and never alone

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean I don’t have to leave
But every time you walk away…
My heart can barely breathe

My heart cries out
I wanna’ go with her!
Although you don’t know it
I can hear every word
And each time I have to explain
That I need you, heart, to live
My heart says why can’t I be with her
And I say that’s just the way it is

So it stops beating fast
At the thought of the news
Feeling sad, sending messages to me
Like it has the blues

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean you’re pre-qualified
And I saw how much love you give
Looking deep in-your-side

You don’t have to sign any papers
I don’t need a background check
My heart has its own criteria
And yes you fit it best

He can go right now
I know he’ll be treated right
And maybe for the first time in a while
We’ll both sleep well tonight because

If my heart has a home
And it’s at your address
It means I’ve found love..
Found love at its best

So will you adopt my heart?
Just look at that smile
Listen to it beating…beating
With the innocence of a child

Just adopt my heart
I’ll gift wrap it with a hug
And the card will simply say
Signed from me to you; the only one I love

©2009 Wayne Box Miller