March 13, 2010


I wanna’ grow old with you
Take my last breath with you

I know that means our laughter will turn into giggles
And saying I love you will take a little longer
But as long as I’m with you
That’s all that matters

I want to sit on a porch with you
And watch new versions of us walk by
Holding hands and loving each other
While we reminisce and predict

I want to have all my mental
And talk dirty to you when I’m 80
And have you blush at 80
And have you say quitttt at 80
When I rub your leg

My last breath is yours
If it means me living and you not
I will flip the script
You can live off our memories
I don’t know;
Maybe you’ll want to go with me
‘Cause our love is just that deep

I want to help you get up
And let you help me get down
And help each other get around
When we’re 85

I want to look at
Videos of us,
DVD’s of us
And smile….
I want to look at photo albums of us
Turn the page and talk about that night when…
And sigh;
And long for those days
And embrace these days
And thank GOD for each other
At 90

Can I still call you sexy?
I am anyway
If I can get my hand up
I’ll pat your backside at 95

But I just want to be with you
Until my last breath
Because no one on earth
Has loved me like you

And you deserve my last breath…
But I’m not gone yet beautiful
©2009 Wayne Box Miller

My Dream

My dream is the mountain I climb
I scale doubt and optimism on the way to the top
Trying on the way up to get a grip on faith, hope and
chance is a ledge I try to step up on

My dream is the mountain so high
Atop my life
I have no rope; I have no spikes
I have me and ambition
And a t-shirt with courage on it

Sweat tells my brow
keep going you’re making progress
but my exhaustion says otherwise
but I say that’s another lie
to get me to stop

My shoes have no sole or no soul
But I do…
And my spirit lives there
With its GPS attitude
Step here; grip there hold here;
destination 3 beliefs ahead

My dream is now my reality
Set my sights; I have it in front of me
The mountain now seems like stairs
I’ll take each step and breathe opportunities air

My dream is the mountain I’ve climbed
And I love the view
Love the journey
The holes in my shoes
It was worth the climb
Worth the risk
Now climb your own mountain
No matter what it is…

©2009 Wayne Box Miller

March 11, 2010


I think I love you too much
But I’ll keep doing it
I think I can’t live without you
And I don’t want to try

I think you’re reading this
Thinking about who fits this profile in your life;
Or who used to; or who you want to
But your hangups may hang you out to dry

Misery loves company
Tell em’ both goodbye
And be in love

Love is the eternal classroom
Where A’s turn into: what happened to my grade?
Where F is still a failing grade and word
And make-up exams bring smiles… and I’m sorry’s
And exhaustion; and a cigarette if you smoke

Love never reveals itself all at once
But in parts, pieces, clues, changing like a chameleon
Just did it again
So hold someone’s hand in love
So when love changes its mind
You won’t

C2009 Wayne Box Miller

March 4, 2010


I’m looking for a home for my heart
A place it can beat, feel complete
I want my heart to have a loving home
Safe and protected and never alone

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean I don’t have to leave
But every time you walk away…
My heart can barely breathe

My heart cries out
I wanna’ go with her!
Although you don’t know it
I can hear every word
And each time I have to explain
That I need you, heart, to live
My heart says why can’t I be with her
And I say that’s just the way it is

So it stops beating fast
At the thought of the news
Feeling sad, sending messages to me
Like it has the blues

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean you’re pre-qualified
And I saw how much love you give
Looking deep in-your-side

You don’t have to sign any papers
I don’t need a background check
My heart has its own criteria
And yes you fit it best

He can go right now
I know he’ll be treated right
And maybe for the first time in a while
We’ll both sleep well tonight because

If my heart has a home
And it’s at your address
It means I’ve found love..
Found love at its best

So will you adopt my heart?
Just look at that smile
Listen to it beating…beating
With the innocence of a child

Just adopt my heart
I’ll gift wrap it with a hug
And the card will simply say
Signed from me to you; the only one I love

©2009 Wayne Box Miller


I’m broke and ain’t got a dime to my name
Gave it all to love and I ain’t ashamed, to say so
Withdrew all my emotional assets
Liquidated my 401 OK o be in love fund
and gave it to her

I’m broke in love
But rich as a Rockefeller
And one other Rockafella’
Matter of fact I’m a lucky fellow this Valentine’s Day

Can you say the same?
Have you invested your all before today?
No deposit no return
Many tried to circumvent
And never learn
That It takes a fool to learn that love
Don’t love nobodyUntil you do

So this Valentine’s Day
Bet the bank
Put in all your chips in
No matter what you think
Love is for giving and in that you’ll receive
The key is finding someone who really believes
The same thing

If two are giving, both are receiving
If both are in love, then both are believing
This means no mysteries, or puzzles to solve
No broken hearts or relationships to dissolve

Just endless moments of love and happiness
Yes there will be turbulence and a couple regrets
But in the giving, solutions are found
To move beyond and keep love around

Don’t walk in looking for perfection from the one you’re with
GOD is perfect in your relationship & that’s about it
Accept the flaws and acknowledge your own
And if the two are really giving…
Look out Valentine’s Day its ON!
 C2010 Wayne Box Miller