June 9, 2010


There are days that seem so perfect
When everything’s aligned
And other days not so hot
That just seem to blow your mind

And then there are days when all is just
One mixed up crazy mess
And days when you can do no wrong
When you’re at you’re very best

It really doesn’t matter though
However it goes down
You have to know the spirit
What causes the smile vs. the frown

I accept you for who you are
And it’s very easy to me
Because you accept me faults and all
Even the one you cannot see

So while we may have moments
When neither is at their best
I look at all of what we’ve got
And how much together we’ve been blessed

I felt compelled right away
To let you know this truth
That no matter who you think you are
I accept and want all of you

c2009 Wayne Box Miller