November 1, 2010


You turn me on
Like a light switch
It’s just that easy
Like you’re bewitched
I wish it were that easy

You are foreplay
In more than on way
You turn me on
Like chocolate does my ice cream
Like Pam Grier does in my dream
Too bad for her you’re real
Because she can’t compete
With a real touch, sensory and seduction
You just turn me on
Who gave you my step by step instructions?

You figured me out
Like a 2 piece jig saw puzzle
Yeah just like that
Why waste time with two
It’s like one snap; I approve

You turn me on
Like lies to politicians
Tricks to magicians
Hesitation; poof be gone ‘cause
She turns me on

And I can’t overheat like the engine in my first car
Thermostat set to passion
So much love for the long haul
With you my engine never stalls; or runs idle
I get more love to the gallon than a hybrid love affair

You turn me on
And for you it’s no work
Like a Rubik’s cube with one color
Like multiple choice questions with one answer
You’re the dancer and I’m the song
Together we’re in love
All night long, all night
All night; all night

Morning is mad at you
Making this night last longer than a day
Knowing he will do the same damn thing
Once he sees his sunrise
And the daybreak of love’s eyes

You turn me on and now the switch is broke
It will have to stay that way
Oh well…

©2010Wayne Box Miller