December 27, 2011


The swirling winds can't silence your whisper
Raging storms can't kill your cry
I hear you calling out for me to answer
Love, I don't need to know why

I'm here for you always and forever
Until the need goes away
But I can't ever see that happening
Because my love for you will never fade

I'm here for you leading lady
Don't doubt my words or deeds
Your requests are my pleasure
To respond is a blessing to me

And like time never stops moving
I will never stop in love
I will give my best in action
And then try to give a little more

So let me say as I wrap up these thoughts
I will never leave you alone
My time with you is so precious
I can't stand the moments when you're gone

©2012Wayne Box Miller

December 8, 2011


Sleep is prison, devoid of vision
Like my photograph is stolen
A missing Kodak of you
Recovered when i awake to see
You have not changed

As lovely as I remember
when the night deceived me
into doing without you

But dawn is a flashlight, you are the spotlight
Good morning is now appropriate
with you in plain view
Picture perfect...

©2012Wayne Box Miller

September 2, 2011



Ankle high
The water is fine
Sampling your love
I think I like this kind

Knee high
I’m trying to see how deep is your love
And how much is for me
And is there enough

Taste high
Let love run through my hands
Refresh my thoughts
Respond to my commands

Waist high
I’m surrounded by love on all sides
I think I’ll swim out to see
 See if I survive

Breast high
I have found, a bosom of pleasure
But are you willing to offer
All of your hidden treasures

Neck high
I feel a strong wave coming on
Too late to turn back
In love I think I’m gone

Lips high, how are you
I would love to stay
I love your words
What and how you say

Eye high, I see you
And I know this is real
I am now drowning in your love
So lets seal the deal

By diving head first
Into a lovers paradise
The thought is so exhilarating
I want to stay here for life and
Ride this wave…

©2011Wayne Box Miller

August 15, 2011


I want to reminisce
But I need more memories
Don’t get me wrong
I’m talking about the kind with you and me

So lets do some new things
We’ve never done before
I got some ideas waiting
And yes they include yours

Lets see what happens
When we meet up on the moon
We’ll get there climbing stars
And once we do, lets not leave too soon

Lets count all the lovers
Passing by in the sky
And pray for the lonely ones
Who want love to stop by

Once we leave there
Lets dive into love
An ocean full of happiness
Made just for us

Next we’ll swim to a shore
Near a city of paradise
Lay on the beach of passion
With some wine chilled just right

But lets keep making memories
No need to even count
Lets enjoy reminiscing
That’s what this is all about

But no we’re not done
So lets make room for some more
Like a romantic dinner
Of fine dining on the floor

And we’ll let the music play
While I read the perfect words
To an audience of you
Saying things you’ve never heard

And beyond lies a bed of 1000 roses
Next to a chocolate bubble bath
With curtains made of steam
And mirrored messages on the glass

I’ll reach up for the light switch
To turn out the night
We’re now passengers boarding a Love plane
Ready to take a champagne fantasy flight

And while this plane is flying
I’ll take you on a trip
Of mental elevation
To a planet called pure bliss

So let the memories keep building
One, by one, by one
Because if a day comes we can’t make memories
To look back will be some kind of fun

But in the meantime lets make some more…

Like a picnic in the park
In the middle of the night
Serenaded by the sounds of nature
With the moon as our candlelight

To be continued…

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

July 2, 2011


Sanctuary where are you?
I need to lay my burdens down
And my head in your lap

I need relief from even myself at times
And you are the only remedy
Made for me

Free from judgment
And the only thing you’ve been convicted of is pleasure

A sanctuary I can’t find
I don’t own one
And life owns me because of your absence
I can visualize you
See your peace of mind
In this piece of mine
But I am broken without you

But at least I can function
With duct tape on my aura
But I hope by tomorrow
We become one

I heard your nickname was utopia
Free from myopia
But I’m not at times
I heard you are cool water
Gentle breezes
Subtle sunshine
Whipped cream on dreams
A glass of Crown
A heavenly bed
Convertible car
Shining star

The perfect mate
A perfect date
A home cooked meal
A pen that feels
Words that soothe
Music that grooves
Love uninhibited
Love unlimited

Walks on the beach
Juicy as a Georgia peach
But alas, out of my reach
But I need your cascading waterfall of affection

And I just want to spend some time with you Sanctuary
On a regular basis
And I won’t tell anyone…and I heard you never do

Sanctuary can you call me
Find me
Touch me
I need you in more ways than one
But I just need one
Sanctuary in my life
A place to dwell
Not to yell
But to whisper loudly
You’ll be my haven on earth

©2011Wayne Box Miller


June 21, 2011

U Turn

I’m looking at my future
In the rear view mirror
I can’t turn around
And it’s fading away

I want to start over
But you won’t let me
Lets turn this love around
Starting today

June 1, 2011


She whispers I love you with every breath
Spares nothing, gives until nothings left
She’s my fallen angel, sent here on loan
She has a new address; my heart is her home

I will keep her occupied until her time comes
I will commit to her because she is the one
She has committed to me well beyond measure
My fallen angel is my lover, my heart’s treasure

And I could never explain how she arrived
It’s as if I awoke, and she was by my side
From that very first time our eyes locked in a kiss
I felt: heaven must be like this
Or closer than right now

And I am telling you what you should desire
A woman who loves you, ignites your fire
Makes you want to stay awake, never go to sleep
But when you do, she’s the only dream you seek

A fallen angel, a love beyond words
More than I hoped for, better than I deserve
But I will enjoy her, until she is called home
A gift-wrapped lover, the best I’ve ever known

I used to close my eyes and dream every night
For someone like her to come into my life
But when she appeared it was much more than that
More than I imagined, an indisputable fact

But alas her time has come
And she has gone from me
And I am not even angry
For I do believe 

My fallen angel is waiting for me to come
My heart is packed, but my work isn’t done
But as soon as I’m finished, there will be no delay
I can’t wait to see you angel…I’m on my way

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

April 21, 2011


 I want love
Deeper than the ocean’s floor
The kind that won’t let you breathe
Until you hear from her
Until you hear from him
Until you hear, we’re still in love today
I traded in oxygen for your breath
Breathing on me
And I learned the alphabet of love
Is all is need to know

I want love
The end of the movie kind
Where all the problems are gone
And the only thing left is love
And the kiss, while they roll the credits
Fade to black
Go to bed
Let’s make love ‘til we’re dead

I want love
The obvious kind
Where you read my mind
And our heats beat in sentences
And we speak fluently with our eyes
And our body’s language is easy to interpret

I want love
Love that makes people in love
Realize they’re not really in love
But maybe lust or a latter version of love
We’re version 5.0
With automatic updates
Virus free; and hater protection software
And it’s too big to fit on a flash drive

I want love
The kind that wakes you up
With love on your mind
And your picture taped to my heart
And there is no wrong side of the bed
If you’re in it

I want love
That stands the test of time
The kind leaves you blind
The one that blows your mind
Yes that’s hard to find
Always looking ahead never behind
Woven into a beautiful design
A tapestry of you-n-me
More powerful than we could believe
Oh say can you see
I want love
And that means…
I want you

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

April 8, 2011


She’s a flower yet to be defined
Revealed only to find, she’s one of a kind
Fragrance takes away the blues, grays and things
The power of her scent takes me away

But I can’t share the address
From the soil of love she was planted
Happiness rained down on her
Fertilizing her future growth
And mine too

I never saw her sprout petals of promise
Or stems of strength
Too busy looking for her
Anywhere but the Secret Garden she resided in
Then HE stepped in and said look
It didn’t take but a second and not a second look
I was hooked and now
I’m in love with her too

A gift in the form of a promise
A promise in the form of you
You in the form of love
And love in the form of loving…US

A flower yet to be defined
But until then
This flower is mine

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

March 29, 2011


Her red lips stick in my mind
I can’t escape the thoughts called what if
I can’t run from the fantasy of touch
And I have to embrace the fact I have followed through
To see what the end was like in my move-me

 Her red lips stick in my mind
Stuck on telling temptations of consent
To let them explore my thoughts and my body
And my lips too

A taste awaits the touching of 4 of a kind; two pair
No room to spare conversation
Let lips talk
Tongues mediate and hold on…
I’m translating a range of motion
Range of feelings
A rising confirmation that heat is on high alert
And I’m signed up for the what’s next class
That starts right now
And the only requirement is to study lips
And take test with lips
Do research with lips
Go deep with lips
Until I get my L I Phd
Sealed with a kiss and red seal of satisfaction

I wasn’t trying to write this
 Or even say it out loud
But when I saw her red lips
My ever present bully, lust,
Moved me out of the way and said
Imagine. Now. Do it
As I fell prey to the only weakness
That dominates me; ME
But I am blaming it on her red lips
That stuck in my mind
Stuck on my mind
Because I want to get stuck with hers

Even if it’s only for a moment
Just to put lips and taste together
And see if it equals the satisfaction advertised
When her lips caught my eyes

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

March 10, 2011


I told you stars are overshadowed by you?
Excitement is a fan of yours
Victory roots for you
And I do too

What if I told you?
I made reservations for you
In my heart with 24 hour access
That gets accessed 24 times a day

And what if
You found out
You’re not the center of my universe
You are my universe
And I’m in orbit
Like planet solo
I have rings like Saturn
Called possibilities
Of you and I distant from the world
But closer than a milky way
In the hand of a kid

With sweet love, like berries ripened
From the vine of ready or not
Under the summers sun
Cooled by the evening moon
To taste just right
In our own little world
Spinning on ask this; Tell that
Share drives; Love’s alive
In the eye of lovers
Without a cloud of doubt

What if…if what you just heard
Struck a nerve
And the if turned to you and said
I need to leave…
Goodbye what if?
Go be someone else’s possibility
While I introduce her to definitely

© 2011 Wayne Box Miller

February 14, 2011


You’ve had my heart from the day we met
And the confirmation I’ll never forget
My heart skipped a beat
And then sped up quick
Then you looked at me
And I became love sick
And I didn’t need a doctor
Because you had the cure
And after you kissed me
I knew for sure

You had my heart
Here’s the lock and key
And you can lock me down
And have your way with me

And you can access my love
From everywhere
Remote control my heart
Let me know when its time to share

I got love for you
Like no one else
I got feelings for you
And I don’t need any help
Expressing how I feel
Meaning what I say
Giving you love
Every Valentines Day

I got love, so much love
And this is the truth
Before Michelle loved Barack
I was already loving you
And no matter what tomorrow brings
I will love you through it all
Our love has only one season
Just combine winter spring summer and fall
I got love for you
Like Romeo and Juliet
Like lovers in the hood with no regrets
Like orange juice and champagne
Its one of a kind
I got love for you
For the rest of my life

I got love for you
 Had it before I was born
Now I know what was stirring in me
Was a love for you, being formed

I got love for you
And you don’t need to doubt
I’d be more worried about freedom
Cause this love has been turned out

My heart is big enough to share
Strong enough to care
Weak enough to hurt
And home of the best love on earth
‘cause I got love for you!
C2009 Wayne Box Miller

January 18, 2011


 I see beauty in the ugliest of places
See fulfillment in the emptiest of spaces
See opportunity to love in darkened thoughts
But I can’t see why love has to be bought

I can see the sunshine in rainy skies
See love’s potential in doubters’ eyes
I can see fullness in empty tanks
But I can’t see shallow in love, I just can’t

So love for real and let the fear subside
Yeah there is pain, but let it ride
And once you’re beyond the initial hurt
You’ll enjoy the love, understand how much its worth

I can see clarity where drama once lived
And I can see hope where no one would give
I can see peace where violence use to be
And I see real love between you and me

So fasten your seatbelt, airbags to breathe
Give me all your love; I’ll give you all of me
And if I hurt or you experience pain
Can we figure it out? Make it a positive gain?

Can we put our scorecards down?
Penalize the flags
Get rid of the referees
Focus on what we have
Close the venue
Keep the spectators out
Leave no room for boos
Make second guessing lose its clout

Yes, I can see a sunrise where dark clouds sat
I can see a sure thing that’s no longer a bet
I can see shade with no leaves on the trees
Because I see real love between you and me 

And I’m not distracted by empty nesters
Those “no return on love” investors
Telling us how to live with Titanic results
Full of buried dreams & hearts full of rust

Now It’s only you and I floating high on clouds
Up, up and away silently talking loud
Professing love and deep commitment
At last; at home, with passion and contentment

And I can see the world we use to call home
I can see us finally alone
And I can see that you are all I need
Because I see the real love between you and me

©2010 Wayne Box Miller