January 18, 2011


 I see beauty in the ugliest of places
See fulfillment in the emptiest of spaces
See opportunity to love in darkened thoughts
But I can’t see why love has to be bought

I can see the sunshine in rainy skies
See love’s potential in doubters’ eyes
I can see fullness in empty tanks
But I can’t see shallow in love, I just can’t

So love for real and let the fear subside
Yeah there is pain, but let it ride
And once you’re beyond the initial hurt
You’ll enjoy the love, understand how much its worth

I can see clarity where drama once lived
And I can see hope where no one would give
I can see peace where violence use to be
And I see real love between you and me

So fasten your seatbelt, airbags to breathe
Give me all your love; I’ll give you all of me
And if I hurt or you experience pain
Can we figure it out? Make it a positive gain?

Can we put our scorecards down?
Penalize the flags
Get rid of the referees
Focus on what we have
Close the venue
Keep the spectators out
Leave no room for boos
Make second guessing lose its clout

Yes, I can see a sunrise where dark clouds sat
I can see a sure thing that’s no longer a bet
I can see shade with no leaves on the trees
Because I see real love between you and me 

And I’m not distracted by empty nesters
Those “no return on love” investors
Telling us how to live with Titanic results
Full of buried dreams & hearts full of rust

Now It’s only you and I floating high on clouds
Up, up and away silently talking loud
Professing love and deep commitment
At last; at home, with passion and contentment

And I can see the world we use to call home
I can see us finally alone
And I can see that you are all I need
Because I see the real love between you and me

©2010 Wayne Box Miller