January 12, 2012


Like my heart, my arms are empty
Left only to wipe across my chest
A message of love, a special gesture
For the one that knows me best

I don’t know that she’ll ever trust me
And that haunts me all of my days
I don’t know how to let her look inside
To see doing it now would be okay

So I write, I dream, I beg in between
For a chance to have the touch
From the only one that lets me know
It gets no better than us

But timing be damned
And mistakes a few
Have cost me what I need it’s true

The mistakes are mine
And I have confessed
But the price I pay is nothing
Compared to the emptiness and regret

But if I can just get one moment
I will make it last so long
In my heart and mind for a lifetime
Because her love is just that strong

But I don’t know how to tell her
Or convince her just one time
To let me touch her beautifulness
Like I do in the hallways of my mind
Even right now I can feel her kiss
Our passion ignited the source of bliss
Her openness and giving all of self
My trying to do likewise
Caring about nothing else

Time is lost, and so are we
Together when we are one
I don’t hold back and neither does she
Not until we’re done

But I miss her more
than words on this page
I think about her everyday

So until then
I’ll cast these thoughts to the sky
In hopes that she will try…
To find me one last chance
To love her

©2012 Wayne Box Miller