May 24, 2013

Lucky Numbers

Your 7 digits unlock the code
for us to connect for the next episode
They are a reminder of everything I need
I don't mind begging, just to succeed

With every number there lies a wish
And with every number I'll match with a kiss
So even if your number starts with 404
That means I'll be kissing you all the more

And if the next numbers are 789
I will taste you lady as if you are vintage wine
With four numbers left I can only dream
That you would return the same favor to me
But if the last four numbers are one's and two's
I will repeat everything I said I want to do

So yes I want your number
and yes I want them tonight
So I can share my fantasy
By messages if you'd like

And I promise these numbers
Will never leave my side
So send me your digits
and I'll send you a surprise

Now you know I'm serious
and you know how I feel
Know I will use the numbers
If you use me for your thrills

©2013 Wayne Box Miller