August 16, 2013


Just a new thought...

I feel slighted not invited
To have an affair with your heart
I’m conflicted, all in but restricted 
By your fear that we will part

Look inside, and then look below
I’m holding on tight; don’t want to let go
My heart is sold, you have the receipt
Been that way since we chose to meet

And from that minute, that became that day
I was so into you, in so many ways
That I quit counting so I could enjoy
Every bit of love, while asking for more

Drowning in love, swimming in ecstasy
It only happens when you’re right next to me
Don’t need a towel, let love run down
No matter what you say, I love how it sounds

So the only thing left, that you need to do
Is buy fear a one way ticket far away from you
I’ll pick up the tab, so it can leave today
And our love will be left standing, as we wave…
Later for that!