November 5, 2013


©2013 Wayne Box Miller

You inspire me without trying
How do you do that?
How can you move my pen to write without stopping?
I seem to be full of ink in your presence or when you’re on my mind,
which is always…

I find new words and meanings in your eyes
Your smile brings out soon to be revealed cliché’s
Applicable to any situation where love is concerned
Every day with you is another lesson learned… about Inspiration

When you leave I’m inspired to bring you back with metaphoric messages
The kind that gently ferment in your mental field and stream
I hate to awake because I like you living in my dream
But even to awake is not a mistake
I determine you and I should be called fate

You inspire me as if I’m on my last breath
To ensure our happiness is the perfect bet
I’d give you everything if it meant I have nothing left
And it would last for eternity so we’d never forget
I’m just inspired by you

You move me like bankers move money
Like politicians move opinions
But always in the right direction
No flip flop or flop flip
With you, I got this; thing called love
And I’m inspired to keep it coming back
You inspire me without trying
Now how do you do that?