April 29, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

I want to touch you
But in a different way
I don’t need my hands
But my words have something to say

You are so beautiful
In places I cannot see
I really want to find them
And have you do the same to me

I’ll work your nerves
Until they’re satisfied
Change the game
Show you love is blind

Touch your heart
Just to hear it beat
Kiss your soul
Then hit repeat

Stroke your ego
Until it says you win
Lift your spirits
Stir the feeling within

Let our eyes kiss
Until they fall asleep
Our dreams will get connected
Then thoughts will go deep

Mental is the stimulation
Nothing even compares
This is how I love without touching
And I can’t wait to take you there

And let’s stay a while
Enjoying each and every feeling
I have already been there without you
But this time I hope you’re willing

I promise pure ecstasy
If you just let go
And if I follow your yearning
You will feel my flow

Can I lay here and not touch you
Breathe in what I see
Can I wave my hand over your body?
Watch what it does to me

Your love is like magic
Got me under your spell
If I can love you without touching
That is a sure way to tell…I want you

I just want to listen to you breathe
I want to anticipate your needs
I want you to model lying in bed
So I can use every view to store in my head

Mentally I’m ready to explode
Satisfied but ready to reload
I can do this all night so you know
We should just call this love’s continual episode

Strike a pose from all angles
My smile is your applause
I want to scan you from top to bottom
In my mind breaking every law

I know you can feel what I’m thinking
I know what you’re thinking too
You body is in a state of relaxing
I’m so turned on by you

I am ready for liftoff
And you’re ready to take flight
It’s amazing what is happening
On their own, our bodies unite

Melding into one
Without saying a word
Gone is anticipation
It doesn’t matter who comes first

But we’re both staying here in the moment
And enjoying what we know
So much can happen without touching
And that’s true love making on its own.

Because I can’t get enough
And I haven’t had any
I just know what you have
Has done more than tempt me

It has shown me a woman
Who knows what she’s worth
Beauty and body
Respect that comes first

I still want to see you
I wish it was right now
How much do I want to?
Let’s count it down

10-9-8 and you know the rest
I’m patiently waiting you rarely make me guess
Just a touch, with your voice and your words
I can describe to you, what my body’s already heard

Sprinkle, sprinkle I’m covered in dust
Perfect satisfaction shared between us
Keeps me wanting you and that’s the plan
Your mental touch kissed me, you've done it again

And all I want, when the dust is gone
Is more than the last time, please pour it on
Cover me completely, set fantasies free
You know how it’s done from A to Z