May 8, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

It’s been over 30 years
And I still feel the pain
Of you not being here
Not being able to call out your name

I can finally do things for you now
But I don’t have the chance
Like bring you gifts and beautiful flowers
Or share a silly impromptu dance

Or drop something in your hand
And say don’t’ worry its’ on me
Yet still get in trouble
Because I forgot to say please

I don’t know why this year
It seems so hard
Maybe walking down the aisles
Seeing lots of Mothers Day cards

And I want to cry a river
I want to drown in my own tears
So I wipe my eyes with memories
Reminiscing about you being here

I’ll use all the photographs
So we can chat face to face
Talk to you about my problems
Show you I learned all about grace

Let you see my growth
So you can exhale and laugh
I get to hear you say I’m hard headed
And thank GOD some of that has passed

I think I’m laughing now
This must be therapy
I still miss you Momma
For what you meant to me

And as I see my friends celebrate
With a mother like you
I find it so bittersweet
But I know this to be true

They’re as lucky as me
If they know what I know
That having a mother for any period of time
Is just good for your soul

The pinnacle of love
The greatest protector of all
All about correction
Always answered the call
Holds you accountable
And you know she was right
She knew what you needed
Before the need was in sight

Oh man this is hard
For my friends first go-round
Mothers Day without their Mothers
I hate the way that sounds

But we take comfort in knowing
The love will always remain
Because once you’ve been love by a mother
You will never be the same
Because once you’ve been loved by a mother
You realize how much she sheltered your pain
Because once you’ve been loved by a mother
That love can never be taken away
Happy Mother’s Day…