June 5, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

Like 1,000 cascading waterfalls
I’m drowning courtesy of you
It’s not just what you say
But more like everything you do

I can’t come up for air
This is how I want to breathe
Never seen one woman
Give me more than I’ll ever need

Love overboard, let me drown
Lost in her forever, is how it’s going down
Let me live in this lover’s paradise
Staring in your eyes is my full moon every night

Splash! is her name; my thirst is quenched
She’s my only flavor, straight no chaser and I want all of this
I’m riding the waves in all of her charm
Surrounded by love on all sides, so soft and warm

Don’t send a lifeguard, life-jacket or lend a hand
Unless you know the feeling, you wouldn't understand
I want to sail on her heavenly seas,
Oceanic pleasure caressing me
No man is an island, and now that she’s rushed to my shore
I’ve been engulfed in love now and forever more
And I can’t even swim…

Destinations not important
As long as I’m getting wet with you
Splash! is the object of my affection
Like the Caribbean waters perfect and blue
Clearly it lets me see all the love I need
This has been one fantastic voyage, to the bottom of her sea