April 28, 2016


It's been a while since I posted a thought
Wonder why they've remained and never got lost
Trying to understand the growth I know
And that it didn't come sooner like 20 years ago

The lesson wouldn't have been learned
I wouldn't have understood the test
That's given before the lesson
Script flipped nonetheless

But I am thankful I got it before it's too late
That I can share with those in their youth
Being alive is a blessing not a rehearsal
My time on earth is the proof

Your one go round is all you need
If you pray and plan, and plant the seed
So here's to revelation and clarity
Understanding life has no parity

We all get different challenges
and we all get different blessings
Just pray and accept the outcomes
And no you can't prepare for the testing

Just live and learn
See and discern
Be on fire but don't burn
Accept the bad when it's your turn
And let your passion just churn
Then pass the knowledge on...