October 7, 2010

Morning Love

Her smile awakes me
While her eyes are yet closed
Slowly…they join the morning
To complete my breakfast of tenderness in bed

She turns slightly, slowly to invite me
To christen the morning
It may be cold outside
But she’s my global warming

And as we awake
I say good morning love
I am her coffee and she is my cream
Good morning love
Unfortunately we have awaken from our dream
And I have to get to work
But can you RSVP
This spot in your bed
And I’ll keep the memory
Like a photograph in my head
Until we get back to this place
Lock the doors and reclaim our space
Like chalk outlines the scene of the crime
Scattered covers and tossed pillows are etched in my mind

Can we pick up where we left off?
Get right back & tell time to step off
Turn off the phone, and say all bets off
When we get home?
I want season tickets, to your bed
And can I get a parking pass too
I love tailgate parties with you
Because no one shows up but us
We play the game, and we always win
We have no crowd but we’re always sold out
To love…morning love

And I can’t wait to get there
And every red light don’t seem fair
Traffic jams just don’t care
That I’m trying to get to you
And wrong turns won’t get me
I’ll make road rage forget me
Cause all I can see
Is you and morning love

Now that I’m home
And you’re on me like cologne
And I touch you like numbers on my phone
Where were we?
Oh yeah, morning love

©2010 Wayne Box Miller