April 21, 2011


 I want love
Deeper than the ocean’s floor
The kind that won’t let you breathe
Until you hear from her
Until you hear from him
Until you hear, we’re still in love today
I traded in oxygen for your breath
Breathing on me
And I learned the alphabet of love
Is all is need to know

I want love
The end of the movie kind
Where all the problems are gone
And the only thing left is love
And the kiss, while they roll the credits
Fade to black
Go to bed
Let’s make love ‘til we’re dead

I want love
The obvious kind
Where you read my mind
And our heats beat in sentences
And we speak fluently with our eyes
And our body’s language is easy to interpret

I want love
Love that makes people in love
Realize they’re not really in love
But maybe lust or a latter version of love
We’re version 5.0
With automatic updates
Virus free; and hater protection software
And it’s too big to fit on a flash drive

I want love
The kind that wakes you up
With love on your mind
And your picture taped to my heart
And there is no wrong side of the bed
If you’re in it

I want love
That stands the test of time
The kind leaves you blind
The one that blows your mind
Yes that’s hard to find
Always looking ahead never behind
Woven into a beautiful design
A tapestry of you-n-me
More powerful than we could believe
Oh say can you see
I want love
And that means…
I want you

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

April 8, 2011


She’s a flower yet to be defined
Revealed only to find, she’s one of a kind
Fragrance takes away the blues, grays and things
The power of her scent takes me away

But I can’t share the address
From the soil of love she was planted
Happiness rained down on her
Fertilizing her future growth
And mine too

I never saw her sprout petals of promise
Or stems of strength
Too busy looking for her
Anywhere but the Secret Garden she resided in
Then HE stepped in and said look
It didn’t take but a second and not a second look
I was hooked and now
I’m in love with her too

A gift in the form of a promise
A promise in the form of you
You in the form of love
And love in the form of loving…US

A flower yet to be defined
But until then
This flower is mine

C2010 Wayne Box Miller