November 23, 2015


Free to move 
Free to do
Free to ask 
If I can spend a little more time with you

Free to know
What keeps us apart
Free to respect your answer
But free to hear your heart

Free to breathe
Free to exhale
Free to spend the night
In your mental world

Free to try
Free to be
You see in me

Free to write
Free to speak
Free to tell you 
I want to be 3 days in your week

Free to try
Experiment too
Free to let go of regrets
Involving me and you

Free to think 
you might change
Thoughts free of friends
One of these days

Free to smile
Free to see
You still inspire
Freedom of the pen in me

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

November 9, 2015


Up ahead I can’t see anything but the road
Not the twist and turns that await me
But full speed ahead I go
Not fearing the sudden stops
or the sharp turns

Up ahead I can’t see the end 
but I’m enjoying the ride
Stop signs aren’t the end just the pause
So why do we give them 
more power then they’re asking for?

Up ahead I see it 
Out of focus, out of vision, out of sight
But here I come anyway because, 
The road of life Is a road you've never traveled
and one you’ll never travel again

So I say sit back and enjoy the ride
It’s leading somewhere
Beautiful I guarantee
So don’t miss life trying to figure it out

Life has a way of passing you by
without giving you a chance to look back
But you’ll never hear life say lets do it again
Because life isn’t just a trip
It’s the one way kind
So on the road of life, where will you go?
Wherever it is, enjoy the ride

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

November 2, 2015


I count my blessings
Glad they exceed my age
Even if multiplied by days
I have room to spare

For in the moment of this moment
multiple blessings have occurred
that I can count, yet still forget

Because breathing each breath
Blinking both eyes
thinking these thoughts
all happen at once and more

And in saying that I just lost count again
of just how many blessings I have
But I count them nonetheless
but in doing so I always lose count
of the blessings that are too many to name
Don't you?