September 2, 2011



Ankle high
The water is fine
Sampling your love
I think I like this kind

Knee high
I’m trying to see how deep is your love
And how much is for me
And is there enough

Taste high
Let love run through my hands
Refresh my thoughts
Respond to my commands

Waist high
I’m surrounded by love on all sides
I think I’ll swim out to see
 See if I survive

Breast high
I have found, a bosom of pleasure
But are you willing to offer
All of your hidden treasures

Neck high
I feel a strong wave coming on
Too late to turn back
In love I think I’m gone

Lips high, how are you
I would love to stay
I love your words
What and how you say

Eye high, I see you
And I know this is real
I am now drowning in your love
So lets seal the deal

By diving head first
Into a lovers paradise
The thought is so exhilarating
I want to stay here for life and
Ride this wave…

©2011Wayne Box Miller