May 19, 2010


Can you fall in and out of love?
Or just be mad
Can you wish for something special?
And still appreciate what you have

Are you sitting on the fence
Waiting for a perfect mate
Halfway committed
Not realizing you’re the mistake

You can’t go in and out of love
Like you’re at a grocery store
Always shopping for a bargain
When its you who should be giving more

You can’t go in and out of love
Like malls and other stores
One day you may realize
You’re not being loved anymore

‘Cause in and out is good; where appropriate and needed
But not in commitment, where sadly it’s often repeated
Therein lies the mistake
That so many seem to make
Going in and out of love
Will ultimately seal your fate

If you’re out and they’re in
And they’re in and you’re out
Then who’s fighting for love
Fighting for the “us”

So throw out, out
And invite in, in
Love each other stronger and longer
In the 2010
And beyond…

Happy New Year!

C2009 Wayne Box Miller


I got the news; and yes I cried
To be without you, I’m the one who would die
I can’t imagine being anywhere else
And I pray LORD: don’t take away this feeling I’ve felt

But if you must take her, I kinda’ understand
But what do I do? I love being her man

It’s like I’ll be unemployed
In love, but out of work
I’d do anything for her
But I couldn’t figure out how to stop the hurt

So let me marry her for just one day
I would be in heaven and then she could be on her way
And that memory could last me the rest of my life
For just one day LORD, let her be my wife

Oh it would be beautiful
No matter what we did
And even if it was nothing
Nothing would be better than this

She is my dream come true
My sunshine and more
We are the perfect movie
And our love the perfect score

But life is cruel sometime
And I know this to be true
I don’t want to live without her
But I love that she’s coming to you

But until that moment in time
There’s only one thing I have to say
LORD leave her here long enough
To be my wife…for just one day

C2009 Wayne Box Miller


She’s a flower yet to be defined
Revealed only to find, she’s one of a kind
Fragrance takes away the blues, grays and things
The power of her scent takes me away
But I can’t share the address

From the soil of love she was planted
Happiness rained down on her
Fertilizing her future growth
And mine too

I never saw her sprout petals of promise
Or stems of strength
Too busy looking for her
Anywhere but the Secret Garden she resided in
Then HE stepped in and said look
It didn’t take but a second and not a second look
I was hooked and now
I’m in love with her too

A gift in the form of a promise
A promise in the form of you
You in the form of love
And love in the form of loving…US

A flower yet to be defined
But until then
This flower is mine

C2010 Wayne Box Miller


As snow flakes fall
I rise to the occasion
Making my way to the place
Called Loveland…next to you

For every snow flake that falls
I have twice as many reasons why I love you
And when they say every snow flake is different
It reminds me that you are too

No one loves like you
Cares like you
Gives like you and
Tries like you

You are the U in US
And I am the beneficiary
Your love is the return on my investment of common sense
In knowing you were the one

You are my winter wonderland
And I am your frosty the snowman
And I love it when you melt me away with love…

As snowflakes fall
I’m reminded of your warmth
And the fireplace called your heart
I know it burns with love
I rub my hands together in front of you
And the cold reality of this world is gone

As snowflakes fall…
They remind me the weather is always perfect in love

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

May 11, 2010


My heart uses my eyes to see your beauty
The report is flawless
Not in a physical sense
But it makes no sense that your beauty transcends
Time, talent, and
It’s positioned for a takeover of the heart

My heart uses my hands to caress every detail
That goes beyond the smell of a garden, of white roses and
Birds of paradise, hmmm smells so nice
Nerve endings rushing back telling me
Feel this; and this; AND this
I tell my hands to cross their fingers
And send the message back to keep it coming

I want my eyes to use flicker
Get the photos back quicker
Take pictures faster than the speed of light
I can never be overexposed to you

My heart uses my mouth
To tell you how I feel
To express thoughts
That matches the rhythm of every beat
Flow is apparent, feelings transparent
Nothing to hide

My heart uses itself to pump life and love into my body
And that sets the course for us to stay on
In love; On Star, turn by turn
Falling in love just ahead
Haters take the next detour

C2010 Wayne Box Miller