October 6, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

I gave the best I had
Better than you ever had
But it doesn’t seem to be good enough

I’ve proven my love is true
Been right not wrong for you
So tell me why you’re giving up

It doesn’t make sense
And you can’t explain
I give you what you want
But you still walk away
And it makes me realize
You’ll say stop when I say go
When it comes to loving me
You’ll use any reason, to say no

In the beginning
I had what you needed
Everything that was hard to find

Now you’re not impressed
After I gave you my best
Now I’m not one of a kind

It doesn’t add up
And I can’t understand
I give what you want
But you won’t hold my hand
And it makes me realize
You want to stay cold
When it comes to loving me
You’ll use any reason to say no

What changed besides the weather?
Why can’t we be together?
It takes work to make love last
I’ve given but you’ve stopped
She loved me but loves me not
Once I leave there’s not coming back
It doesn’t make sense
And you can’t explain
I give you what you want
But you still walk away
And it makes me realize
You’ll say stop when I say go
When it comes to loving me
You’ll use any reason, to say no


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

I wish I could hit rewind
Turn back the hands of time
To the day we first met

Capture the look in your eyes
The one perfectly matching mine
And the moment love was set

Because I can’t find it, I’m in need
And it’s a fact; it’s killing you and me
And I just want to go back in time
And do: Things we use to do

Somewhere we got off track
Hate to admit that fact
Our love’s a runaway train

So let’s get back on board
Love’s not keeping score
What we had, I need again

I know what’s missing, it’s hard to find
I think you know lady; you’re one of a kind
And I just want to try, try
And do: Things we use to do

It all made sense; it all just fit
We knew the meaning of love
Didn’t know the meaning of quit
Somewhere we were interrupted
But we have to try again
And do the things we use to do
I miss my lover and my friend

Because I can’t find it, and I’m in need
And it’s a fact; it’s killing you and me
And I just want to go back in time
And do: Things we use to do

June 5, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

Like 1,000 cascading waterfalls
I’m drowning courtesy of you
It’s not just what you say
But more like everything you do

I can’t come up for air
This is how I want to breathe
Never seen one woman
Give me more than I’ll ever need

Love overboard, let me drown
Lost in her forever, is how it’s going down
Let me live in this lover’s paradise
Staring in your eyes is my full moon every night

Splash! is her name; my thirst is quenched
She’s my only flavor, straight no chaser and I want all of this
I’m riding the waves in all of her charm
Surrounded by love on all sides, so soft and warm

Don’t send a lifeguard, life-jacket or lend a hand
Unless you know the feeling, you wouldn't understand
I want to sail on her heavenly seas,
Oceanic pleasure caressing me
No man is an island, and now that she’s rushed to my shore
I’ve been engulfed in love now and forever more
And I can’t even swim…

Destinations not important
As long as I’m getting wet with you
Splash! is the object of my affection
Like the Caribbean waters perfect and blue
Clearly it lets me see all the love I need
This has been one fantastic voyage, to the bottom of her sea

May 8, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

It’s been over 30 years
And I still feel the pain
Of you not being here
Not being able to call out your name

I can finally do things for you now
But I don’t have the chance
Like bring you gifts and beautiful flowers
Or share a silly impromptu dance

Or drop something in your hand
And say don’t’ worry its’ on me
Yet still get in trouble
Because I forgot to say please

I don’t know why this year
It seems so hard
Maybe walking down the aisles
Seeing lots of Mothers Day cards

And I want to cry a river
I want to drown in my own tears
So I wipe my eyes with memories
Reminiscing about you being here

I’ll use all the photographs
So we can chat face to face
Talk to you about my problems
Show you I learned all about grace

Let you see my growth
So you can exhale and laugh
I get to hear you say I’m hard headed
And thank GOD some of that has passed

I think I’m laughing now
This must be therapy
I still miss you Momma
For what you meant to me

And as I see my friends celebrate
With a mother like you
I find it so bittersweet
But I know this to be true

They’re as lucky as me
If they know what I know
That having a mother for any period of time
Is just good for your soul

The pinnacle of love
The greatest protector of all
All about correction
Always answered the call
Holds you accountable
And you know she was right
She knew what you needed
Before the need was in sight

Oh man this is hard
For my friends first go-round
Mothers Day without their Mothers
I hate the way that sounds

But we take comfort in knowing
The love will always remain
Because once you’ve been love by a mother
You will never be the same
Because once you’ve been loved by a mother
You realize how much she sheltered your pain
Because once you’ve been loved by a mother
That love can never be taken away
Happy Mother’s Day…

April 29, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

I want to touch you
But in a different way
I don’t need my hands
But my words have something to say

You are so beautiful
In places I cannot see
I really want to find them
And have you do the same to me

I’ll work your nerves
Until they’re satisfied
Change the game
Show you love is blind

Touch your heart
Just to hear it beat
Kiss your soul
Then hit repeat

Stroke your ego
Until it says you win
Lift your spirits
Stir the feeling within

Let our eyes kiss
Until they fall asleep
Our dreams will get connected
Then thoughts will go deep

Mental is the stimulation
Nothing even compares
This is how I love without touching
And I can’t wait to take you there

And let’s stay a while
Enjoying each and every feeling
I have already been there without you
But this time I hope you’re willing

I promise pure ecstasy
If you just let go
And if I follow your yearning
You will feel my flow

Can I lay here and not touch you
Breathe in what I see
Can I wave my hand over your body?
Watch what it does to me

Your love is like magic
Got me under your spell
If I can love you without touching
That is a sure way to tell…I want you

I just want to listen to you breathe
I want to anticipate your needs
I want you to model lying in bed
So I can use every view to store in my head

Mentally I’m ready to explode
Satisfied but ready to reload
I can do this all night so you know
We should just call this love’s continual episode

Strike a pose from all angles
My smile is your applause
I want to scan you from top to bottom
In my mind breaking every law

I know you can feel what I’m thinking
I know what you’re thinking too
You body is in a state of relaxing
I’m so turned on by you

I am ready for liftoff
And you’re ready to take flight
It’s amazing what is happening
On their own, our bodies unite

Melding into one
Without saying a word
Gone is anticipation
It doesn’t matter who comes first

But we’re both staying here in the moment
And enjoying what we know
So much can happen without touching
And that’s true love making on its own.

Because I can’t get enough
And I haven’t had any
I just know what you have
Has done more than tempt me

It has shown me a woman
Who knows what she’s worth
Beauty and body
Respect that comes first

I still want to see you
I wish it was right now
How much do I want to?
Let’s count it down

10-9-8 and you know the rest
I’m patiently waiting you rarely make me guess
Just a touch, with your voice and your words
I can describe to you, what my body’s already heard

Sprinkle, sprinkle I’m covered in dust
Perfect satisfaction shared between us
Keeps me wanting you and that’s the plan
Your mental touch kissed me, you've done it again

And all I want, when the dust is gone
Is more than the last time, please pour it on
Cover me completely, set fantasies free
You know how it’s done from A to Z

March 27, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

Close your eyes and see how much I love you
Count the seconds and see how much I’m thinking of you
Not a day goes by that I don’t ask life about you
And not a day goes by when life says I can’t live without you

So now your vision should be telling you the truth
I need you in my life like a banker needs a suit
I love you like ripe grapes love a vine
And if I can go deeper, like a genius loves the mind
In due time…we will find our center

Open your eyes and I’m still standing here
Never left your side wanted it to be clear
I’m here forever, and borrowed a few days
So even when I’m gone, you’ll know I’m here to stay

That much
That deep
In love 
Can’t sleep without you
That sure
That right
Wide awake
It’s a good night with you

That much; and I can’t explain it
Not enough words, I can’t contain it
It’s more than love so you can name it
But I call it you
And that much is true

March 25, 2014

Made My Day...

©2014 Wayne Box Miller

She made my day without even trying
Just showed up in the form of a message
She can breathe through a thought
And give me pause…

So sweet are her words
When she lives in the moment of giving
A touch, a talk, a tempting tease of what could be

I smile, think for a moment and agree
This is nice, she is right, day or night
In a dark moment she is a flash of light

In the blink of her eye
It becomes my golden time of day
Confirmation I’m on her mind
Maybe not forever but for a minute
And that’s all I need to make it through the day…

Back to work.

January 14, 2014


I had to dust you off
see if you still work
I've used you for pleasure
but to also take away the hurt

You are very reliable
every minute of every day
You are my favorite without a question
I won't ever let you get away

I can't live without you
with you I can say what I need
I love the way you feel when I hold you
Your flow is heavenly to me

So i’ll pick you up tonight
And I know you’re waiting for my hand
You are the pen that creates the words
That follows my every command

So lets get together more often
I’d love to hear what you have to say
You are the essence of my poetry
And once again you’ve made my day

©2014 Wayne Box Miller

January 7, 2014

You Should Have Fruit Named After You

©2013 Wayne Box Miller

I have come to realize you’re so sweet
You should have your own section in produce
Surrounded by fruit on all sides
Making them look better to the eye

But they don’t grow em’ like you
You’re always fresh to death
You’re becoming my favorite flavor
The thought causes me to lose my breath

Like the orange that I love to squeeze
I’ll peel back the layers of your mind
And let the vitamin T engulf me
Hoping I don’t run out of time

I want to take a bite of your apple
Surrounded by your pears
You should have fruit named after you
That I can get anywhere

Cantaloupe must be your cousin
Succulent are your last names
Sweet like strawberries
I’m guessing the taste will probably drive me insane

They say the blacker the berry
But I say the sweeter the T
Is there a pomegranate on earth?
That can possibly compete

Black cherries are jealous
Because you’re one of a kind
You should have a fruit named after you
Watermelon is certainly tryin’

But it’s the one in the mirror
The one I have seen
The one I’ve gotten to know
That is getting to know me

You should have a fruit named after you
Orangnewatermelonappleloupeagranate cherries
Hard to find, the rarest of kind, and 
If you’re lucky, you’ll live to taste it

You should have a fruit named after you
But you already do
When I think of the sweetest fruit
I simply call it…