June 27, 2013


©2013 Wayne Box Miller

If you close your eyes and let me in
I'll take you places you've never been
Directly to a paradise
Where lovers go to feel just right

So just lay back this is not pretend
Baby this is real so lets begin
I've made the plans, just for you
To taste the rainbow, every hue

I know you're scared and you have doubts
you've been let down, left without
It ends tonight, your dreams come true
I'm going to make the perfect love to you

Oh I know what you need I've been taking notes
From our conversations quote by quote
of what you like and how many times
and what works for you body and stimulates your mind
What gets you off and turns you on
And what you don't like, so I can’t go wrong

So lets begin the time is now
you relax and I'll show you how
I see your smile so I know you believe
As long as you're happy I'll get what I need

All your love and all of you
is a perfect night and a dream come true
And I won't stop until I have nothing left
I'll give you my all, give you my best

From head to toe, and deeper still
lies lots of passion and plenty of thrills
so just let go, and we'll take flight
The time is now, for our lovers delight

Then we’ll ascend above the clouds
let go of the fears and love out loud
and love until we’re no longer standing
This night of love ends with a perfect landing
Safe In each others arms...

June 14, 2013



©2013 Wayne Box Miller

If I could lay you down and open your mind
Listen to your heartbeat through my eyes
Kiss your wishes until they all come true
I would do that for you

If I could hug your future to keep it secure
And protect your love and just make sure
Touch your dreams to bring them to life
I would start tonight

And I would walk this earth to leave a trail
With an evidence of love that I know so well
To prove what I have is yours, only yours
A love like never before

So like the lottery I want one more chance
And like a slow jam, just one more dance
And if you don’t feel the same way I do
I’ll still leave my love with you

Because I have never felt something this real
Before I could feel it, I knew how I’d feel
And it has forever stayed on my mind
That this love can last longer than time

It was etched in stone, carved in a tree
Written on paper, the perfect melody
So it has happened, it’s become crystal clear
We are at our best, if we keep our love right here
Next to each other…

June 1, 2013

The Art of Love

My life is an artist
my mind the canvas
I paint with my thoughts
using my hearts vision

I want it to move
be pure
express my thoughts without a filter
Stop you in your process of evaluation
to absorb interpretation

So I paint; brush, stroke ideas
sculpt images of life as it should be
a perfect picture of you and me

and when I'm done I can step back
and see a reflection of a life
called picture perfect
Because you're in it

©2013 Wayne Box Miller