February 14, 2011


You’ve had my heart from the day we met
And the confirmation I’ll never forget
My heart skipped a beat
And then sped up quick
Then you looked at me
And I became love sick
And I didn’t need a doctor
Because you had the cure
And after you kissed me
I knew for sure

You had my heart
Here’s the lock and key
And you can lock me down
And have your way with me

And you can access my love
From everywhere
Remote control my heart
Let me know when its time to share

I got love for you
Like no one else
I got feelings for you
And I don’t need any help
Expressing how I feel
Meaning what I say
Giving you love
Every Valentines Day

I got love, so much love
And this is the truth
Before Michelle loved Barack
I was already loving you
And no matter what tomorrow brings
I will love you through it all
Our love has only one season
Just combine winter spring summer and fall
I got love for you
Like Romeo and Juliet
Like lovers in the hood with no regrets
Like orange juice and champagne
Its one of a kind
I got love for you
For the rest of my life

I got love for you
 Had it before I was born
Now I know what was stirring in me
Was a love for you, being formed

I got love for you
And you don’t need to doubt
I’d be more worried about freedom
Cause this love has been turned out

My heart is big enough to share
Strong enough to care
Weak enough to hurt
And home of the best love on earth
‘cause I got love for you!
C2009 Wayne Box Miller