June 21, 2011

U Turn

I’m looking at my future
In the rear view mirror
I can’t turn around
And it’s fading away

I want to start over
But you won’t let me
Lets turn this love around
Starting today

June 1, 2011


She whispers I love you with every breath
Spares nothing, gives until nothings left
She’s my fallen angel, sent here on loan
She has a new address; my heart is her home

I will keep her occupied until her time comes
I will commit to her because she is the one
She has committed to me well beyond measure
My fallen angel is my lover, my heart’s treasure

And I could never explain how she arrived
It’s as if I awoke, and she was by my side
From that very first time our eyes locked in a kiss
I felt: heaven must be like this
Or closer than right now

And I am telling you what you should desire
A woman who loves you, ignites your fire
Makes you want to stay awake, never go to sleep
But when you do, she’s the only dream you seek

A fallen angel, a love beyond words
More than I hoped for, better than I deserve
But I will enjoy her, until she is called home
A gift-wrapped lover, the best I’ve ever known

I used to close my eyes and dream every night
For someone like her to come into my life
But when she appeared it was much more than that
More than I imagined, an indisputable fact

But alas her time has come
And she has gone from me
And I am not even angry
For I do believe 

My fallen angel is waiting for me to come
My heart is packed, but my work isn’t done
But as soon as I’m finished, there will be no delay
I can’t wait to see you angel…I’m on my way

©2011 Wayne Box Miller