January 7, 2014

You Should Have Fruit Named After You

©2013 Wayne Box Miller

I have come to realize you’re so sweet
You should have your own section in produce
Surrounded by fruit on all sides
Making them look better to the eye

But they don’t grow em’ like you
You’re always fresh to death
You’re becoming my favorite flavor
The thought causes me to lose my breath

Like the orange that I love to squeeze
I’ll peel back the layers of your mind
And let the vitamin T engulf me
Hoping I don’t run out of time

I want to take a bite of your apple
Surrounded by your pears
You should have fruit named after you
That I can get anywhere

Cantaloupe must be your cousin
Succulent are your last names
Sweet like strawberries
I’m guessing the taste will probably drive me insane

They say the blacker the berry
But I say the sweeter the T
Is there a pomegranate on earth?
That can possibly compete

Black cherries are jealous
Because you’re one of a kind
You should have a fruit named after you
Watermelon is certainly tryin’

But it’s the one in the mirror
The one I have seen
The one I’ve gotten to know
That is getting to know me

You should have a fruit named after you
Orangnewatermelonappleloupeagranate cherries
Hard to find, the rarest of kind, and 
If you’re lucky, you’ll live to taste it

You should have a fruit named after you
But you already do
When I think of the sweetest fruit
I simply call it…

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