March 27, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

Close your eyes and see how much I love you
Count the seconds and see how much I’m thinking of you
Not a day goes by that I don’t ask life about you
And not a day goes by when life says I can’t live without you

So now your vision should be telling you the truth
I need you in my life like a banker needs a suit
I love you like ripe grapes love a vine
And if I can go deeper, like a genius loves the mind
In due time…we will find our center

Open your eyes and I’m still standing here
Never left your side wanted it to be clear
I’m here forever, and borrowed a few days
So even when I’m gone, you’ll know I’m here to stay

That much
That deep
In love 
Can’t sleep without you
That sure
That right
Wide awake
It’s a good night with you

That much; and I can’t explain it
Not enough words, I can’t contain it
It’s more than love so you can name it
But I call it you
And that much is true

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