November 9, 2015


Up ahead I can’t see anything but the road
Not the twist and turns that await me
But full speed ahead I go
Not fearing the sudden stops
or the sharp turns

Up ahead I can’t see the end 
but I’m enjoying the ride
Stop signs aren’t the end just the pause
So why do we give them 
more power then they’re asking for?

Up ahead I see it 
Out of focus, out of vision, out of sight
But here I come anyway because, 
The road of life Is a road you've never traveled
and one you’ll never travel again

So I say sit back and enjoy the ride
It’s leading somewhere
Beautiful I guarantee
So don’t miss life trying to figure it out

Life has a way of passing you by
without giving you a chance to look back
But you’ll never hear life say lets do it again
Because life isn’t just a trip
It’s the one way kind
So on the road of life, where will you go?
Wherever it is, enjoy the ride

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

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