December 10, 2015


I have to keep moving
Petal to the metal and then some
Moving onward and upward and then some
Hitting the brakes means I get none of what I say I want

Future becomes the past all to quick
Living in the present that was once the future
Although tomorrow isn't promised
I have to plan for its arrival

Looking down the road I get a glimpse
Enough to give me hope
On the wing I soar
Hanging by a rope

I'd like to fly away
Doesn't matter what they say
Unless they're going my way
Then lets ride

I can't let go of go
got to keep riding even if it's slow
I need to see whats ahead
One day the car will be parked
and I'll be read, in an obituary

So let me add lines to the pages
Fill up the pages with life
He never let go of go, is what it will read
Still holding on in flight to paradise

Never letting go of go...

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