January 12, 2016


I remember seeing you the first time but then I saw you again
You, were a ballet of thoughts dancing in my head
Your voice was an orchestra of words
speaking a symphony to my wonderment 
had me wondering what it meant
Like a song I couldn’t play
So I just stared at the cover photo

Then you smiled and the rainbow had life
brilliant by design
but I was even more impressed by your mind
Intellectual stimulation
Negative thoughts took a vacation, in that moment
Your strength is of legend
fueled by survival, constantly in revival
Look at you now

I saw you the first time but then I saw you yet again
HiDef nothing left to the imagination
To say your style found my appreciation
isn’t lost on this man
So I pressed play on thoughts
Watched with admiration while I fought
What came to the surface
If I confessed in the moment at that time
what would be the purpose 

Fast forward; road blocks and barriers of past times now gone by
They’ve now been torn down with new buildings taking my place; 
you could call them a replace
They may be looking but it’s no longer at my face

But I am still who you saw the first time and then saw again
And to know your view brought me into focus
means my picture was clear
Thank you for the whisper in my ear
Now where do we go from here?
Shhhhh don’t tell anybody
But me

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

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