August 10, 2010


I have never seen or met you but…
I laid eyes on your words as if it were your body
I caressed every adjective and verb
Kissed your nouns until I became a pro-noun

I now desire to be a sentence that grows into a paragraph
A paragraph that ultimately becomes a page
 THAT page that becomes THE page in your love story
Over time I hope to be your only book
And you can pick me up and read me all over…
Again and again

I want you to turn my pages, turning me on
Take your finger and touch my every word
As you read about how much I love you
And want you

If its’ good go back and touch me again
Finding words and meanings that stayed hidden until the next time you read me

I have never seen or met you but…
I laid eyes on your words as if it were your body
I stared at the beauty of the thought that went from line one
To the last line done.

How can I feel you? Feel your touch?
How can I want you so much?
It’s because I felt the proposition in your preposition
I mean the way it was positioned on the page
Like its own language, a special set of words

I read between your…lines
Pulled the book closer
To get a better look
And the fragrance of your thoughts jumped off the page
A vernacular aroma lasted me for days and
A scent of what’s to come
Gives me a feeling you might be the one

But I need to keep reading
To find out if what I believe
Is the ending
With a period.
Or to be continued

But until then I will kiss your vowels
Until you tell me stop, throw in the towel
A; I O U that don’t I?
I want us to become consonant
In agreement
Make love heaven sent
Use all our words until we’re spent
Lose our breath cause we meant to…
Because I read between your lines
After I laid eyes on your words and determined
You’re so fine
To be continued…

©2010 Wayne Box Miller

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