August 30, 2010


I need some more time with you
That’s what she said
I wanted more time with her
But she’s always one step ahead

I want the clock to take a ride
Get lost in time
So she can have all she wants
I honestly, just don’t mind

She makes the world a perfect canvas
Every color bright and surreal
Captures my emotions in high definition
Gives me her energy to feel

I need some more time with you
I opened the door wide to that thought
From heaven to earth is available
And in the moment we can get completely lost

She can make a speeding bullet freeze
Lift a beggar off his knees
Put slow motion in gear
Make conversation by blowing in my ear

If she needs more time with me
The world is out of tune
I know once we’re together
The planets will be aligned with the moon

The stars will take their rightful place
The inner will enter outer space
The galaxy will pose
 Mars and Venus will come together and let it flow

I need some more time with you
I’ve never heard that before
And she probably doesn’t realize it
She is poetic; my ear to hear, my sounding board

You can have more time with me
You can have my ink and my pen
If you will be my paper
Then the story can begin

©2010 Wayne Box Miller

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