March 29, 2011


Her red lips stick in my mind
I can’t escape the thoughts called what if
I can’t run from the fantasy of touch
And I have to embrace the fact I have followed through
To see what the end was like in my move-me

 Her red lips stick in my mind
Stuck on telling temptations of consent
To let them explore my thoughts and my body
And my lips too

A taste awaits the touching of 4 of a kind; two pair
No room to spare conversation
Let lips talk
Tongues mediate and hold on…
I’m translating a range of motion
Range of feelings
A rising confirmation that heat is on high alert
And I’m signed up for the what’s next class
That starts right now
And the only requirement is to study lips
And take test with lips
Do research with lips
Go deep with lips
Until I get my L I Phd
Sealed with a kiss and red seal of satisfaction

I wasn’t trying to write this
 Or even say it out loud
But when I saw her red lips
My ever present bully, lust,
Moved me out of the way and said
Imagine. Now. Do it
As I fell prey to the only weakness
That dominates me; ME
But I am blaming it on her red lips
That stuck in my mind
Stuck on my mind
Because I want to get stuck with hers

Even if it’s only for a moment
Just to put lips and taste together
And see if it equals the satisfaction advertised
When her lips caught my eyes

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

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