March 10, 2011


I told you stars are overshadowed by you?
Excitement is a fan of yours
Victory roots for you
And I do too

What if I told you?
I made reservations for you
In my heart with 24 hour access
That gets accessed 24 times a day

And what if
You found out
You’re not the center of my universe
You are my universe
And I’m in orbit
Like planet solo
I have rings like Saturn
Called possibilities
Of you and I distant from the world
But closer than a milky way
In the hand of a kid

With sweet love, like berries ripened
From the vine of ready or not
Under the summers sun
Cooled by the evening moon
To taste just right
In our own little world
Spinning on ask this; Tell that
Share drives; Love’s alive
In the eye of lovers
Without a cloud of doubt

What if…if what you just heard
Struck a nerve
And the if turned to you and said
I need to leave…
Goodbye what if?
Go be someone else’s possibility
While I introduce her to definitely

© 2011 Wayne Box Miller

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