July 2, 2011


Sanctuary where are you?
I need to lay my burdens down
And my head in your lap

I need relief from even myself at times
And you are the only remedy
Made for me

Free from judgment
And the only thing you’ve been convicted of is pleasure

A sanctuary I can’t find
I don’t own one
And life owns me because of your absence
I can visualize you
See your peace of mind
In this piece of mine
But I am broken without you

But at least I can function
With duct tape on my aura
But I hope by tomorrow
We become one

I heard your nickname was utopia
Free from myopia
But I’m not at times
I heard you are cool water
Gentle breezes
Subtle sunshine
Whipped cream on dreams
A glass of Crown
A heavenly bed
Convertible car
Shining star

The perfect mate
A perfect date
A home cooked meal
A pen that feels
Words that soothe
Music that grooves
Love uninhibited
Love unlimited

Walks on the beach
Juicy as a Georgia peach
But alas, out of my reach
But I need your cascading waterfall of affection

And I just want to spend some time with you Sanctuary
On a regular basis
And I won’t tell anyone…and I heard you never do

Sanctuary can you call me
Find me
Touch me
I need you in more ways than one
But I just need one
Sanctuary in my life
A place to dwell
Not to yell
But to whisper loudly
You’ll be my haven on earth

©2011Wayne Box Miller


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