August 15, 2011


I want to reminisce
But I need more memories
Don’t get me wrong
I’m talking about the kind with you and me

So lets do some new things
We’ve never done before
I got some ideas waiting
And yes they include yours

Lets see what happens
When we meet up on the moon
We’ll get there climbing stars
And once we do, lets not leave too soon

Lets count all the lovers
Passing by in the sky
And pray for the lonely ones
Who want love to stop by

Once we leave there
Lets dive into love
An ocean full of happiness
Made just for us

Next we’ll swim to a shore
Near a city of paradise
Lay on the beach of passion
With some wine chilled just right

But lets keep making memories
No need to even count
Lets enjoy reminiscing
That’s what this is all about

But no we’re not done
So lets make room for some more
Like a romantic dinner
Of fine dining on the floor

And we’ll let the music play
While I read the perfect words
To an audience of you
Saying things you’ve never heard

And beyond lies a bed of 1000 roses
Next to a chocolate bubble bath
With curtains made of steam
And mirrored messages on the glass

I’ll reach up for the light switch
To turn out the night
We’re now passengers boarding a Love plane
Ready to take a champagne fantasy flight

And while this plane is flying
I’ll take you on a trip
Of mental elevation
To a planet called pure bliss

So let the memories keep building
One, by one, by one
Because if a day comes we can’t make memories
To look back will be some kind of fun

But in the meantime lets make some more…

Like a picnic in the park
In the middle of the night
Serenaded by the sounds of nature
With the moon as our candlelight

To be continued…

©2011 Wayne Box Miller

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