June 14, 2013



©2013 Wayne Box Miller

If I could lay you down and open your mind
Listen to your heartbeat through my eyes
Kiss your wishes until they all come true
I would do that for you

If I could hug your future to keep it secure
And protect your love and just make sure
Touch your dreams to bring them to life
I would start tonight

And I would walk this earth to leave a trail
With an evidence of love that I know so well
To prove what I have is yours, only yours
A love like never before

So like the lottery I want one more chance
And like a slow jam, just one more dance
And if you don’t feel the same way I do
I’ll still leave my love with you

Because I have never felt something this real
Before I could feel it, I knew how I’d feel
And it has forever stayed on my mind
That this love can last longer than time

It was etched in stone, carved in a tree
Written on paper, the perfect melody
So it has happened, it’s become crystal clear
We are at our best, if we keep our love right here
Next to each other…

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