September 15, 2015


I’ve got a secret 
and I wish I could tell you
I think one day I will
Just to see how you feel
But here’s a clue
Maybe two...

It’s like a field of colorful pastels 
in permanent bloom
Made perfect when she walks into view
Sun shine silhouette  
following her like a golden glow
Appearing out of nowhere
like never before
She’s a dream come true
And I wish I could tell you

The honey bees pause
To see the sweetest thing
Nature’s finest work
Listen to the birds as they sing …her praise
Animals are stuck in gazes
Confirming her queendom 
in this kingdom

She is a mystery unseen
and this glimpse will last forever
Stories to be told of her beauty
Will grow and get better
For generations to come
One thing’s for sure
She is the one
I really want to tell you

And the secret is out
But I didn’t tell
Nature took it’s course
beauty by force
eyes had to look
one time was all it took
yes we’re all hooked
ohh she I can’t resist
But it’s a secret
and I’d be remised 
If I didn’t say 
It might be you
But it’s a secret
and I wish I could tell you 
I think one day I will

If you haven’t already figured you out
In the mirror you’ll see there’s no doubt
I got a secret but i’d rather have you

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