February 28, 2010


Sometimes my mind wanders to that place
I should be…
My destiny
The one I saw as a child
Before adults told me stop dreaming
When they said no way you can…

They never said they were passing on their doubts
And lack of self esteem to me
As if it were a gift and not a curse
Or cursing at me with negativity

Sometimes my mind wanders to utopia
Where whatever 
IS and
The sky is your floor
And all doors are open wide
Until you find out otherwise

Don’t smother dreams like a fire in a small place
Let the flame of imagination build
Until it burns out of control
Until the winds or reality say so
And even then fan the flames

It’s never too late to rekindle the fire
That used to burn in you
You’re the grown one now
You have the match
It’s you and GOD
Light it
Ignite it
Invite it
Don’t fight it
Be who you wanna’ be
No more wandering…

C2010 Wayne Box Miller 

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