February 28, 2010


Like 2 champagne glasses
Our kiss is a toast
To the love we have
And what we value the most

I drown in thoughts of you
Like bathing in chocolate
Submerging myself in dreams of whipped cream
With you as my only topping
Never stopping for pause…cause
I love you like that

I see the sky as a short distance from here
Because your love reaches beyond galaxies of possibilities
And I can touch you without effort
Because love is my mode of travel

The speed of light is like a crawl
It’s insane to think Usain appears to be walking
Compared to how fast loves moves me to action with you
Then slows me down to take in the moment…
One that makes Kodak jealous

Like 2 dancers we’re in rhythm
But the record never ends
It’s the forever extended version
That never repeats, just keeps playing
Each moment is another verse to the song
love you for life and everything else

Like gumbo for lovers we keep putting more stuff in this relationship
A couple of kisses, some hugs, compassion, laughter
Tears, joy & pain,
I can’t believe you did that but do it again and again sauce
Surprises, disguises, horizons of early mornings seasoned with lots of last nights
Can you taste it; hmmm just right this love we have
And to serve it up on Valentines’ Day
Is another verse to the song so...let the music play
While your loving-me takes me up up and away!
Sorry Superman, catch the next flight

C2010 Wayne Box Miller 

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