April 17, 2010


If we've decided 
We can't be divided
Then 2 will permanently be 1

If we’ve agreed 
We’re all we both need 
Case closed baby, we’re done  

There are no more decisions
Its either us or division 
And since I wasn’t good in math 
Let’s keep our love under wraps  
We’ve passed simple addition 
No subtraction or attrition needed 
The answer has been completed 
And that’s the final exam  
Because we have stood the test of time 
And it’s a grade A love, 100% pure 
Nothing artificial 
it’s preserve-able  
And full of preservatives 
All the daily allowances of romance 
Complete with vitamin L, O, V & E 

Take 2 and call me tonight and in the morning 
Wake me up without warning 
I like it that way I’ll act surprised if you act…quickly  
Then I can watch you sleep 
Like the world has turned the lights out 
Because you’ve gone to bed… I mean sleep 
As you lay there I call your position perfect peace 
At least from where I lay and that’s okay because 
There’s only one VIP, one box seat, one front row 
I own all those… 

As sure as I stand 
And I AM your man 
And you ARE my lady 
And have been more than lately Like all the time, and you’re on time 
I set my watch to your heart beats of love
Kiss hug; tick tock; kiss hug; tick tock 
Kiss hug; tick tock;  
And it don’t stop 
Goes well beyond the break of dawn 
Well into next week  
Never off always on…to the next act 
Epilogue got evicted 
So the end is nowhere in sight 
But it did send us a post card 
With the word, enjoy… With that  
Each Night Justifies Our Yearning  

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

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  1. Wow...what a beautifully warm rendering!