April 7, 2010


…So I decided to peel back the layers of my heart
I found broken pieces and residues of scars
Found dusty memories of days gone by…
Saw some loves in my past that had me laughing, asking why

Dug a little deeper and examined even more
Found a love unscathed, deep in my core
This is the love I have saved for so long
I give it to you, so I can now carry on

I check my pulse and all systems are go!
And my vitals say its love, so let if flow
So I’m pumpin’ love like blood with thoughts rushing straight to my brain
And I swear I’ve never loved like this and I’ll never do it again

Yes I said that before
And the scars bear the facts
But I have never had you before
Had someone love me right back
With out hesitation, delay or with doubt
I guess that’s the start of love as its turning you out
But it feels good turning
Better than I could have dreamed
I mean just what I’m dreaming
Is simultaneously happening to me

So when I awake its like I’m dreaming and
When I’m dreaming its like I’m awake
So either way it goes I’m living in a dream and dreaming how I live
Like a you tube video I just start it over and over and over and, hold while I watch this...

And the ending is mine so I tweet, digg, mash, blog, email and even write about it
Just in case someone knows, or wants to know: what’s love got to do with it…


C2010 Wayne Box Miller

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