May 11, 2010


My heart uses my eyes to see your beauty
The report is flawless
Not in a physical sense
But it makes no sense that your beauty transcends
Time, talent, and
It’s positioned for a takeover of the heart

My heart uses my hands to caress every detail
That goes beyond the smell of a garden, of white roses and
Birds of paradise, hmmm smells so nice
Nerve endings rushing back telling me
Feel this; and this; AND this
I tell my hands to cross their fingers
And send the message back to keep it coming

I want my eyes to use flicker
Get the photos back quicker
Take pictures faster than the speed of light
I can never be overexposed to you

My heart uses my mouth
To tell you how I feel
To express thoughts
That matches the rhythm of every beat
Flow is apparent, feelings transparent
Nothing to hide

My heart uses itself to pump life and love into my body
And that sets the course for us to stay on
In love; On Star, turn by turn
Falling in love just ahead
Haters take the next detour

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

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