March 13, 2010


I wanna’ grow old with you
Take my last breath with you

I know that means our laughter will turn into giggles
And saying I love you will take a little longer
But as long as I’m with you
That’s all that matters

I want to sit on a porch with you
And watch new versions of us walk by
Holding hands and loving each other
While we reminisce and predict

I want to have all my mental
And talk dirty to you when I’m 80
And have you blush at 80
And have you say quitttt at 80
When I rub your leg

My last breath is yours
If it means me living and you not
I will flip the script
You can live off our memories
I don’t know;
Maybe you’ll want to go with me
‘Cause our love is just that deep

I want to help you get up
And let you help me get down
And help each other get around
When we’re 85

I want to look at
Videos of us,
DVD’s of us
And smile….
I want to look at photo albums of us
Turn the page and talk about that night when…
And sigh;
And long for those days
And embrace these days
And thank GOD for each other
At 90

Can I still call you sexy?
I am anyway
If I can get my hand up
I’ll pat your backside at 95

But I just want to be with you
Until my last breath
Because no one on earth
Has loved me like you

And you deserve my last breath…
But I’m not gone yet beautiful
©2009 Wayne Box Miller

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