May 19, 2010


Can you fall in and out of love?
Or just be mad
Can you wish for something special?
And still appreciate what you have

Are you sitting on the fence
Waiting for a perfect mate
Halfway committed
Not realizing you’re the mistake

You can’t go in and out of love
Like you’re at a grocery store
Always shopping for a bargain
When its you who should be giving more

You can’t go in and out of love
Like malls and other stores
One day you may realize
You’re not being loved anymore

‘Cause in and out is good; where appropriate and needed
But not in commitment, where sadly it’s often repeated
Therein lies the mistake
That so many seem to make
Going in and out of love
Will ultimately seal your fate

If you’re out and they’re in
And they’re in and you’re out
Then who’s fighting for love
Fighting for the “us”

So throw out, out
And invite in, in
Love each other stronger and longer
In the 2010
And beyond…

Happy New Year!

C2009 Wayne Box Miller

1 comment:

  1. Box,
    This is such a Realistic write!

    It's something how people come into your life and you think,"Is this really it"! This Must be a God send, I never felt this before and so on.. Then one day you realize you're living with a stranger! I wish more people could grasp this concept and understanding of Love. Who's fighting for the love, who's fighting for Us, THE POETRY OF WAYNE BOX MILLER..
    Gently & Simply worded..