May 19, 2010


As snow flakes fall
I rise to the occasion
Making my way to the place
Called Loveland…next to you

For every snow flake that falls
I have twice as many reasons why I love you
And when they say every snow flake is different
It reminds me that you are too

No one loves like you
Cares like you
Gives like you and
Tries like you

You are the U in US
And I am the beneficiary
Your love is the return on my investment of common sense
In knowing you were the one

You are my winter wonderland
And I am your frosty the snowman
And I love it when you melt me away with love…

As snowflakes fall
I’m reminded of your warmth
And the fireplace called your heart
I know it burns with love
I rub my hands together in front of you
And the cold reality of this world is gone

As snowflakes fall…
They remind me the weather is always perfect in love

C2010 Wayne Box Miller

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