October 13, 2015


Today my world is spinning by design
Rotating on its axis and the thoughts in my mind
Fueled by omnipresent images of you on a carousel 
Blowing kisses in circles that only I can feel

You are love and I'm surrounded by the feeling
Never had to ask because I've been forever willing
To fall in love with you before you ever asked
This is my utopia and to that I tip my glass
Filled with champagne dreams wine wishes come true
My heart could never find another heart, that beats like you

So we stay in rhythm and it feels just right
Dancing to a concerto called love at first sight
You see when worlds collide and green lights stay
It leads to happiness when you walk this way
No obstruction, nothing blocking the view
I've seen nothing but love since the day I saw you...

Copyright 2015 Wayne Box Miller

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