October 23, 2015


Today GOD comes first
Dig the follow quench the thirst
Mental relief stress set free
Passing it on to you from me

I got it honest
from people in prayer
wanted the best for me
and that paved the way

Learned about grace
and forgiveness too
that I'm a work in progress
my apologies to you

If I ever hurt you
did you wrong
made you feel less than
didn't help you carry on

But as we grow we learn the truth
No excuse but goodbye to youth
Thoughts have grown, humble center stage
Stay positive going forward, negative now in a cage

But the challenge returns
when the peace takes a breath
Life is one constant battle
So i say what's next?

Stay in prayer,
keep hope alive
You might fall down
But you can get up with GOD on your side

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

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