October 31, 2015


Like the leaves of fall,
my problems drop and scatter amongst the throng of others
We wish them never to return 
knowing they are part of the seasons of our lives
I eagerly await sunshine knowing 
I have to endure a winter of uncertainty before I smile again
But I'm good with that

This cycle of life has taught me
the more things change the more you should get use to it.
But I don't
As if I'm expecting some seismic shift in Mother Nature's predictable behavior
Knowing the calendar is the pattern of her performance minus a few days here and there

Lima Family Farms

But I think for a second and realize 
I have today
all to myself
to share 
to live
to give
to bless someone else

And I think even more about the fact
Someone can't write this poem today
Because Mother Nature and GOD agreed
The four seasons are now one eternity
A life that has come full circle
Maybe even without any fanfare
that they were even here...

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

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