March 4, 2010


I’m looking for a home for my heart
A place it can beat, feel complete
I want my heart to have a loving home
Safe and protected and never alone

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean I don’t have to leave
But every time you walk away…
My heart can barely breathe

My heart cries out
I wanna’ go with her!
Although you don’t know it
I can hear every word
And each time I have to explain
That I need you, heart, to live
My heart says why can’t I be with her
And I say that’s just the way it is

So it stops beating fast
At the thought of the news
Feeling sad, sending messages to me
Like it has the blues

Can you adopt my heart?
I mean you’re pre-qualified
And I saw how much love you give
Looking deep in-your-side

You don’t have to sign any papers
I don’t need a background check
My heart has its own criteria
And yes you fit it best

He can go right now
I know he’ll be treated right
And maybe for the first time in a while
We’ll both sleep well tonight because

If my heart has a home
And it’s at your address
It means I’ve found love..
Found love at its best

So will you adopt my heart?
Just look at that smile
Listen to it beating…beating
With the innocence of a child

Just adopt my heart
I’ll gift wrap it with a hug
And the card will simply say
Signed from me to you; the only one I love

©2009 Wayne Box Miller

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