March 4, 2010


I’m broke and ain’t got a dime to my name
Gave it all to love and I ain’t ashamed, to say so
Withdrew all my emotional assets
Liquidated my 401 OK o be in love fund
and gave it to her

I’m broke in love
But rich as a Rockefeller
And one other Rockafella’
Matter of fact I’m a lucky fellow this Valentine’s Day

Can you say the same?
Have you invested your all before today?
No deposit no return
Many tried to circumvent
And never learn
That It takes a fool to learn that love
Don’t love nobodyUntil you do

So this Valentine’s Day
Bet the bank
Put in all your chips in
No matter what you think
Love is for giving and in that you’ll receive
The key is finding someone who really believes
The same thing

If two are giving, both are receiving
If both are in love, then both are believing
This means no mysteries, or puzzles to solve
No broken hearts or relationships to dissolve

Just endless moments of love and happiness
Yes there will be turbulence and a couple regrets
But in the giving, solutions are found
To move beyond and keep love around

Don’t walk in looking for perfection from the one you’re with
GOD is perfect in your relationship & that’s about it
Accept the flaws and acknowledge your own
And if the two are really giving…
Look out Valentine’s Day its ON!
 C2010 Wayne Box Miller

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