March 13, 2010

My Dream

My dream is the mountain I climb
I scale doubt and optimism on the way to the top
Trying on the way up to get a grip on faith, hope and
chance is a ledge I try to step up on

My dream is the mountain so high
Atop my life
I have no rope; I have no spikes
I have me and ambition
And a t-shirt with courage on it

Sweat tells my brow
keep going you’re making progress
but my exhaustion says otherwise
but I say that’s another lie
to get me to stop

My shoes have no sole or no soul
But I do…
And my spirit lives there
With its GPS attitude
Step here; grip there hold here;
destination 3 beliefs ahead

My dream is now my reality
Set my sights; I have it in front of me
The mountain now seems like stairs
I’ll take each step and breathe opportunities air

My dream is the mountain I’ve climbed
And I love the view
Love the journey
The holes in my shoes
It was worth the climb
Worth the risk
Now climb your own mountain
No matter what it is…

©2009 Wayne Box Miller

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